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  • Jonnica Hill

Internet Tears release groovy & thoughtful single, “Death & His Friends”

The Connecticut-based band pays homage to a fallen friend on their latest indie-pop jam.

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

Internet Tears’ latest single, "Death & His Friends" is a glowing, groovy gem with nostalgic references to 80s synth-pop and introspective, thoughtful lyrics. This track was written in memory of musician Garrett Garfield from the Utah-based band Death And All His Friends - a favourite and inspiration to Internet Tears’ vocalist Daniel Louis.

“I wanted to write this song in loving memory of Garrett so one day, just like this interview, I would have a reason to bring up such an amazing vocalist and band. It's an artist writing about another artist.”

While inspired by a saddening loss, this track reminds us that those we care for never truly disappear from our lives, and that we should cherish the time we get to spend together. Sonically, Daniel says “Death & His Friends” is a great introduction to the band’s sound & past.

“We make groovy music; whether it's synth-based, or pop-rock, we always make a song you can dance to. We hope this gives listeners an overall interest in exploring more of the identity of Internet Tears and the universe we created.”

While newly signed to independent Connecticut-based label Black Barrel Records, Internet Tears has a great collection of synth and rock-infused songs going back to 2021. The band is set to release more music throughout 2024 - stay tuned for more groovy earworms!


Check out "Death & His Friends" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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