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Laurier Brantford students showcase art during Lunar New Year celebrations

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On Jan. 31, Laurier Brantford students enjoyed art and snacks at the History Students' Association’s (HSA) Lunar New Year event celebrating art of Eastern Asia.

The event was part of Laurier’s annual Lunar New Year celebrations, which also included a tea ceremony and dinner hosted by Laurier International. The HSA event showcased posters about art from across Asia and gave students a chance to try origami, traditional Chinese painting and Asian snacks, such as choco pies and white rabbit milk candies.

“The main takeaway should be experiencing a completely different culture,” said Jeffrey Sit, a third-year history student. “In Canada, although it's multicultural, you're still used to the usual Western cultures. You're not really exposed to the Asian kind of stuff.”

The visual arts theme was one of the first ideas the HSA had for this year’s celebration. In past years, the celebration has focused on themes like martial arts, music and food, according to HSA president and fourth-year student Lillia Dockree.

“If it's something that [students] are curious about, they may not necessarily want to take a course on it,” said Dockree. “So this is just a little thing that we can do to kind of teach in a way that doesn't seem like school.”

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