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  • Jonnica Hill

Abigail Virginia's devastatingly beautiful single "People Don't Love"

An emerging force in the soul-pop genre, Abigail Virginia's latest single hits you right in the feels.

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People Don’t Love is the latest song from Nashville-based soul-pop artist Abigail Virginia. This beautifully honest track examines the pain and disappointment of experiencing deep love, but finding it completely unreciprocated.

“Long story short I found someone I really loved and they blindsided me. They weren’t the person I thought they were or the person I created them in my head to be. It really hurt my view on love. It made me understand why people don’t. It can hurt you so badly.”

Abigail’s voice is impressively strong yet emotionally raw throughout the song, showcasing both shattering heartbreak and mature resilience. The power builds up even further with the addition of choir vocals, rounding out a sound perfect for fans of Adele, Jazmine Sullivan, Sam Smith & Matt Maeson.

While listening to the expert storytelling in this song, you may be surprised that it initially came from a misunderstanding between Abigail and co-writer Zach Steinza. She wanted to write about why people ‘want love,’ but Zach misheard that for ‘won’t love.’ The end result is a bold and authentic review of both perspectives.

“It was a hard song to write honestly being that vulnerable and being honest with myself about how I really felt about the relationship.”

Despite the hurt and sadness behind it, “People Don’t Love” brings comfort in knowing that someone else’s inability to love is not your fault. Abigail says she hopes listeners feel heard and understood.

“Heartbreak is not easy and honestly it changes you. I just hope people take those experiences and, instead of it making them cold, make them want to love harder because they know how the opposite feels.”

Abigail worked with friend/producer Paul Sikes on the recording, plus had friends join in for the choir and background vocals, which she says took it to the next level.

“This process has been so rewarding and I’m just so happy it’s out in the world.”

This song is just the latest addition to the Alabama native’s impressive list of achievements. The artist’s soulful voice and honest songwriting are present across her releases, like

her previous single “Set It On Fire.” Abigail also recently wowed fans on season 3 of the US TV series I Can See Your Voice.

With all of this experience already under her belt, and more than 300,000 followers on social media, Abigail is an exciting emerging artist that you should be keeping an eye on!


Check out "People Don't Love" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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