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  • Jonnica Hill

Alex Kolo releases emotive debut "One Of These Days"

This vulnerable portrayal of unrequited love showcases Alex Kolo's talents in front of the mic and behind the scenes.

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

Full of vulnerability, hope and heartbreak, from the honest lyrics and vocal delivery to the musical atmosphere, Alex Kolo’s “One Of These Days,” is a soft, electronic pop ballad that captures the all-too-relatable feelings that surround loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

“I think unrequited love is something a lot of people can relate to, and hopefully, my song can be a pillow for someone who needs it.”

Co-written just over a year ago over Zoom with Lydia Laird, Alex was inspired by those exact feelings playing out IRL:

“At the time, I was completely head-over-heels for a close friend of mine. I had already confessed my feelings to him, but he told me he couldn’t imagine us being more than friends.”

With “One Of These Days,” out in the world, Alex hopes listeners know they are never alone in their feelings:

“For me, music has always been a form of positive validation. I think a lot of the time we tend to get into our own heads and convince ourselves that we’re alone and no one understands what we’re going through. However, when we hear a song that encapsulates what we are feeling in-depth, the initial negative thought that we’re alone in our specific struggle disappears.”


Check out "Jeans" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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