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  • Jonnica Hill

DYLAN Closes Out Rebel Child Tour with a Dazzling Night in Toronto

Last week, rising British pop star DYLAN brought her Rebel Child world tour to a close at Toronto’s Axis Club Theatre. The twenty-four-year-old singer-songwriter urged the crowd to “put the rest of the tour to shame,” by giving it 121 percent energy, and I think it’s safe to say that goal was achieved.

The show was opened by singer-songwriter, and current NYU student, Mercer Henderson. Accompanied by Sam Cronin on guitar, Mercer captured the growing audience’s attention with cheery energy and heartfelt lyrics on songs like What You Wanted,” “Little Too Much” and “Strangers.”

After a brief intermission, fuelled by sing-a-long gems on the overhead speakers, DYLAN’s set began with a rockin’ rendition of the tour’s namesake song “Rebel Child,” immediately followed by “Girl of Your Dreams.” Setting the mood for the whole night with just two songs, DYLAN had the entire audience singing and dancing along.

To commemorate the release of Taylor Swift’s new album, DYLAN performed an intimate cover of “Out Of The Woods” mixed with her own “Sour Milk.” While she noted her preference for the “pretending to be a rockstar” part of the show, DYLAN’s acoustic moment showcased the incredible vocal abilities and gifted songwriting skills that got her where she is today.

Her latest single “The Alibi, a song admittedly inspired by drunk texting someone she shouldn’t have been, was warmly welcomed by the crowd as they broke out into a fan project, holding up signs that read “We’re so proud of you.”

Rounding out her set with sassy fan favourites “You’re Not Harry Styles,” and “No Romeo,” DYLAN cemented her place in the spotlight as the whole room shook. “Nothing Lasts Forever,” ended the show on an appropriate note: fun and cheeky, but a little bittersweet.

Despite no plans for an encore, the crowd refused to let the night end, chanting “one more song,” and erupting in cheer when a giggling DYLAN stepped back onto the stage and rhetorically asked, “Why is it always in Toronto?” Fans were treated to two more songs, including an impressive country-rock version of Sam Smith’s “Unholy,” which I wish I had a studio recording of...

From start to end, DYLAN’s final show of the Rebel Child Tour was a fabulous taste of what is sure to be just the beginning for this superstar in the making. If you didn’t catch her on this tour, make sure you keep up with DYLAN so you don’t miss out the next time she’s in town!

Check out DYLAN’s complete collection on Spotify:


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