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  • Jonnica Hill

Sweet Spotlights: Giant Rooks' How Have You Been?

German Indie Rock band Giant Rooks release a classic sophomore album fit for fans of The 1975, Inhaler and Arctic Monkeys.

About The Album:

Giant Rooks’ new album, How Have You Been?, is a 14-track collection that seamlessly blends a wide range of influences, creating a cool pop-rock sound fuelled by catchy lyrics and interesting beats.

Following their debut album ROOKERY, the German indie-rockers felt like they needed to change their songwriting process and style, inspired by the R&B, Soul and Jazz music they were listening to. After roughly a year of trial and error, they realized it just wasn’t natural:

“We kind of got lost in the process of wanting something that you’re actually not really able to do...We kind of lost our identity for a sec.”

The band realized that the five of them jamming around on instruments together was exactly what worked for them and ended up creating a “classic-sounding” band album.

“Our approach was to write timeless music on this one, timeless songs that can be maybe still relevant in 10 years or 15 years or 20 years.”

My Top 3 Tracks:
  • Under Your Wings

  • Bedroom Exile

  • Somebody Like You

Discover my top tracks & more Sweet Spotlights below:


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