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  • Jonnica Hill

LO LA's addicting, space-age dance hit "HABITS"

Alt-pop artist LO LA is back with a dreamy, out-of-this-world single inspired by toxic relationships.

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

LO LA is back with “HABITS,” an infectious, dreamy, space-age dance-pop hit inspired by how it feels to be addicted to a toxic relationship. As the cover art alludes to, this upbeat pop song has tasteful hints of alternative musical stylings, giving it an intergalactic feel and making it an essential track for fans of artists like Dua Lipa, Ava Max, emei and blundnymph.

Beneath the dance dreamscape, LO LA hopes listeners can relate to “HABITS” and find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggles:

“Whether it's dealing with complex relationships, struggling with internal battles, or overcoming challenges, I want this song to be a reminder that growth comes from recognizing our habits.”

LO LA says the creative process behind “HABITS” was both exciting and challenging. Alongside her producers, LO LA experimented with musical techniques until the perfect balance was achieved. It was in writing the lyrics that the artist faced more difficulty.

“For me, the challenge was immersing myself in old emotions and reliving certain experiences while writing the lyrics. However, seeing the song come together and becoming something I believe will resonate with my listeners was incredibly rewarding.”

This new single continues to showcase LO LA’s talents when it comes to combining addictive alt-pop music with honest and relatable storytelling, making her music not just fun to dance to but emotionally touching too. With a string of alt-pop jams and a new EP on the horizon, this is just the beginning for LO LA!


Check out "HABITS" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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