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  • Jonnica Hill

Lola Balter tackles self-doubt on "What I Am Made Of"

The 17-year-old singer-songwriter's latest single is an inspiring reminder that we're each on our own, unique journey.

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Lola Balter’s latest track is a must-listen for fans of artists like Lizzy McAlpine, Grace Enger and Gracie Abrams. The soft, contemplative “what i am made of” showcases such maturity - not only in the carefully written lyrics, but also in the refined vocals and thoughtful instrumentation.

Lola crafted this song on the piano in her room this past February. Inspired by a variety of memories and feelings, the track centres on the inner strength we gain when we realize our lives are completely in our own hands - we can be anything we want to be and, quite often, the things we need to get where we want to go are already within us.

“I feel like 17 is such an interesting age to be and the song can be interpreted in many ways. For me, it is about knowing who you are deep down and realizing no one and nothing can take that from you.”

While the lyrics, ‘you said that I am predictable, I would’ve given you the world and more, if you would’ve let me,’ came to her mind while out with friends, Lola says the biggest challenge was figuring out her overall message and creating the main ‘what I am made of ’ line.

“I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was trying to say with the lead-up to the chorus. It took probably a few weeks of stopping and coming back to it.”

Lola also thought about how her younger self would receive this song, especially when coming up with the line, ‘you said you wanted the cool girl, and I can’t give you that. You said you wanted more, what if this is all I have?

“This song is for all the people who feel like once they change they might be good enough, or who feel like they need to prove themselves to other people.”

Check out "what i am made of" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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