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  • Jonnica Hill

Luella just released the summer's dreamiest track, "Peach Ginger Tea"

Kingston's rising indie pop artist Luella releases a sweet, yet slightly bitter, single just in time for summer.

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

Peach Ginger Tea,” the latest single from indie pop artist Luella is here just in time for the warming weather. This funky, beachy track is addictive from the first note. Revolving around a drippy synth and a dreamy West Coast feel, the song explores a relationship that looks good on paper but sadly lacks a deeper connection. Luella expertly uses the bittersweet flavour of peach ginger tea to illustrate these feelings, which she experienced in the past while dating the “perfect” guy.

“The idea always sounds lovely on a scorching hot summer afternoon, but after a couple of sips, you realize it's never been all that sweet and this hot summer weather isn't going to last forever.”

Luella even partnered with a local drink company, County Bounty Soda, to make her very own peach ginger tea merch item!

As usual, Luella crafted this gem with her producer/dad Zane Whitfield, who runs North of Princess Recording Studio in Kingston, ON - a connection she feels lucky to have.

“It's like we've developed our own language over the years of working together.”

The song came together relatively quickly. Upon hearing a synth Zane was playing with, Luella knew immediately it would be “Peach Ginger Tea.” The track really came together when they added her favourite element - a g-funk West Coast whistle in the chorus.

“I love the way the whistle and my vocals dance with each other while the rhythm section creates a nice bop that just locks you right in.”

Luella says she just hopes listeners love the song as much as she does and can totally see it becoming “a staple summer indie bop to add to playlists and accompany all kinds of sun-soaked shenanigans.”


Check out "Peach Ginger Tea" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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