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  • Jonnica Hill

Sweet Spotlights: Luella's Summer Bummer

Emerging indie pop artist Luella just released the dreamiest summer album yet.

About The Album:

Luella’s sophomore album Summer Bummer has arrived, full of dreamy, beachy soundscapes and funky, indie pop vibes. Luella pairs beautifully warm musical landscapes with honest and introspective lyrics, exploring the emotional highs and lows of leaving your childhood behind to enter adulthood.

The polish and precision of these tracks glow with star potential, centring on the illustrative writing and controlled vocals. Crafted with her producer/dad Zane Whitfield, at North of Princess Studio, Luella’s Summer Bummer is a must-listen and the perfect soundtrack as we approach the sunny and joyful, yet ever-fleeting, summer season.

My Top 3 Tracks:
  • Blushing Roses

  • Peach Ginger Tea

  • Radio Silence

Discover my top tracks & more Sweet Spotlights below:


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