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  • Jonnica Hill

Sweet Spotlights: Rauly Unplugged, Vol. 2

A raw, passionate retelling of 10 tracks from Rauly's most recent EPs, "Ordinary Life" and "Say It."

About The EP:

On his latest release, Rauly Unplugged Vol. 2 emerging indie artist Rauly strips down 10 songs from his most recent EPs, allowing the lyrics, emotion and vocals to take the lead.

Accompanied by thoughtful and intricate guitar, played by collaborator Busco, these tracks are fuelled by Rauly’s passion and storytelling.

As his second acoustic album, this release is further proof of Rauly’s abilities as an artist to craft well-written songs for any musical landscape.

My Top 3 Tracks:
  • Ordinary Life

  • Sunlight

  • Sweet Tea

Discover my top tracks & more Sweet Spotlights below:


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