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  • Jonnica Hill

Sweet Spotlights: TALK's Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees

Bringing together rock opera, broadway ballads and modern pop, TALKs debut album is full of “old meets new, meets kind of unexpected.”

“The most important thing is [the songs] come from the heart. This is all stuff I feel or have felt.” - TALK

About The Album:

With emotional storytelling, soaring guitar solos and impressive vocals, Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees has something for everyone, taking feelings from the heart and transforming them into rocking out-of-this-world dreamscapes - sure to shock, impress and entertain.

Inspired by personal emotion, epic rock operas and video game visuals, TALK’s debut album chronicles life’s good and bad, always reminding us not to give up. Beyond the fantasy atmosphere and “guiding forest-dwelling leader,” portrayal, these 10 songs explore heartbreak, love, loneliness and happiness in a way we can all resonate with.

My Top 3 Tracks:
  • Fall For You

  • Harder It Breaks

  • Wasteland

Discover my top tracks & more Sweet Spotlights below:


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