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  • Jonnica Hill

Sweet Spotlights: Skeletosphere's Soda

LA-based alt-rock band Skeletosphere is bringing 90s grunge back with a punch and modern touch.

About The EP:

Full of nostalgia and grit, LA’s female-fronted alt-rock band Skeletosphere’s latest release, Soda, encompasses the wistful, nervy feel of 90s grunge and alternative while sprinkled with unmistakably modern energy.

Brooding, contemplative lyrics mix with tough, gritty guitar hooks and haunting melodies, creating a soundtrack that is relatable to all those familiar with the angst of early adulthood.

My Top 3 Tracks:
  • Mean

  • Telling Secrets

  • Hurt Me

Discover my top tracks & more Sweet Spotlights below:


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