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  • Jonnica Hill

Behind Trinity Mei's cinematic new single, "temporary"

Boston-based indie folk singer-songwriter Trinity Mei shares the story behind her beautifully delicate new single.

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

Trinity Mei’s brand new single “temporary” is a beautifully delicate and personal track, decorated so tastefully with light guitar and cello which creates a cinematic, chill-inducing atmosphere. As the music builds, Trinity’s heartfelt story about dealing with her fear of change becomes more and more emotionally gripping.

“Growing up, I moved around a lot, not only from state to state but also from house to house as my parents are divorced. I became very used to inconsistency and learned that the instability of life is really what makes it so special. My frustration with people, places and relationships being temporary is what made me value them more.”

The song’s concept was something Trinity always wanted to write about, but it wasn’t until six months ago, when a postcard with a collection of butterflies on it inspired her, that she was able to put those feelings into words.

“I reflected on the ideas of growth, change and rebirth and within an hour ’temporary’ was born.”

Trinity worked with fellow writer Nico Cardoso and Berklee producer Josh Brough to bring the track to life, completing some pieces remotely over Christmas and during early morning recording sessions. She says the most rewarding part was listening to the final product for the very first time.

“I remember listening to the final master alone in the room that I composed it in and it brought me to tears. The journey and emotions surrounding this song have made me who I am as an artist today and I can’t wait to share it with the world!”


Check out "temporary" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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