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  • Jonnica Hill

TYA explores love, longing and loneliness on "Venetian Blind"

With this ultra-catchy, RnB-infused bop TYA is an emerging artist you cannot miss!

Kate Peytavin standing in front of a tree with black ink on her fingers.

Inspired by wanting somebody they can’t have, TYA’s Venetian Blind’ is a beautifully smooth RnB-infused track. While vulnerability, loneliness and longing fuel the lyricism and overall vibe, you can’t help but feel the joy that loving someone inevitably brings out of us - even if that love is unrequited.

While undeniably understanding of the frustration of love and the feeling of being lonely, TYA wants listeners to know that they don’t need someone else to be happy:

“It's ok to be alone and you can totally vibe out whether you have a honey or not.”

TYA says ‘Venetian Blind’ was a labour of love, a collaboration starting with a beat produced by their friend Zabrina Hay, lyrics written by TYA and vibes rounded out in production with frequent collaborator Alex Flagstad and new collaborator Richie Berretta.

“The most challenging part of the recording process was balancing the nuance and earnestness of the track with my often cheeky lyrics, finding a delivery that felt really honest to me as an artist and lonely person.”

This Vancouver-based genre-defying alt-pop artist has lifelong experience with the arts as an actor and dancer. With more music, videos and live shows ahead, TYA is truly one to watch on the indie pop music scene!


Check out "Jeans" on the Fresh Jams playlist:


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